Secure Data Life Cycle Management

Dove Direct DM Solution Graphic

The security of your company’s data begins at the point of inception and continues everyday, as new streams of information flows in and across multiple technologies. With Atlanta-based Dove Direct, our comprehensive approach to data makes the most efficient use of our integrated document technologies, cohesive management of your print and copy requirements, and a host of enterprise managed services to give you a clear view of your company’s risk, customer loyalty and total costs from end to end.

  • We provide Secured VPN & SFTP access for sensitive data.
  • Our Servers & Computing Infrastructure are hosted in a SAS 70 Compliant Data Center.
  • Our Computing & Printing Infrastructure are interconnected using state of the art CISCO VPN & Firewall appliances.
  • Sensitive data is encrypted while being stored on our servers.
  • Physical & logical access to data is audited and logged continually.
  • We follow industry standard processes & practices for data governed by compliance such as HIPPA, SOX, etc..    
  • Once the project is completed, the processed data can be delivered back to the customer securely or securely purged from our servers.
  • For highly confidential transactional data, we can provided dedicated computing & processing infrastructure.
  • Access to our data centers & printing centers are controlled and audited.

We offer a number of turnkey, end-to-end fulfillment solutions as well as a suite of marketing competencies. For a demo of our offerings, or to discuss a custom solution tailored to your needs, please contact us.