Variable Digital Printing Solutions

<b>Dove Direct</b> VDP Solution GraphicWith printing services becoming more advanced, Variable Digital Printing (VDP) makes it personal, relevant and unique to each person.  By tailoring your messages and graphics to suit the recipient, VDP technology delivers a better response rate.

Variable digital printing incorporating data management, is a business intelligence solution that provides on-demand printing whereby text, graphic and image elements can be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file.

  • Go beyond “Current Occupant, Dear Sir, or Name Goes Here” addressing
  • Produce high-quality, personalized graphics and a call to action for each person
  • Increase your response rate by anticipating customers’ needs and delivering relevant offers

From personalized, variable documents to large offset runs, our staff of experts can customize your printed communications to achieve optimal results.  With VDP, you can bring the focus of the web to direct mail and watch your ROI grow.

Your customer data drives results.

We gather your customer data and enhance it with other sources, then customize to suit your current needs.  Over time, your database and data management becomes a powerful business asset with quantifiable benefits from each campaign.  Learn more.

Our consultants create and design.

You decide how much help you need.  Whether it’s elaborate or simple, extensive or small-scale, we can show you compelling examples or work hand-in-hand with you to develop your communications programs.  Learn more.

We are your one-stop solution.

We are a full print service shop providing state-of-the-art printing solutions powered by Xerox iGen, inkjet addressing, cutting, folding, inserting, full service barcode presorting with volume discounts, Letter Shop and Fulfillment Services, and Secure Logistics and Tracking.  Learn more.