DynaSeal Vulcan 1808

Packaging.  Shipping.  Storage.  Shrink Wrap It!

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Dove Direct can provide you with a large variety of shrink wrap solutions to suit every need from your smallest to your largest package size.  Our DynaSeal shrink wrap tunnel can quickly and efficiently shrink wrap promotional marketing materials, academic programs, text books, DVDs, CDs, binders, magazines, vegetable crates, and more for all of your high production shrink wrap needs.  In addition, our shrink wrap is great for shipping and storage protection against the elements.

When you need to create a promotional package that provides maximum protection with minimum waste the DynaSeal Vulcan 1808-72 is the shrink tunnel of choice.  With 20+ years of shrink wrap application experience Dove Direct can provide you with the knowledge needed to successfully wrap any item.

The DynaSeal Vulcan 1808-72 Shrink Tunnel can quickly and efficiently shrink wrap items for high production needs. The 1808-72 is capable of packaging a variety of items.  It has an automatic tunnel cool down feature when the machine is shut off.  The 1808-72 has a fully re-circulating air chamber with 4 directional air flow.  It features thermal overload protection on all motors as well as adjustable air velocity control.  


  • Shrink tunnel system with 72" x 18" x 8" chamber dimensions
  • Automatic operation mode
  • Digital control panel
  • Automatic tunnel cool down with shut off
  • Fully re-circulating air chamber
  • Thermal overload protection on all motors
  • Adjustable air velocity control
  • State-of-the-art AC variable speed drive
  • Optional features include dead rollers "polyethylene " Teflon mesh belt high density rollers and a spare parts kit

Enclosing items in low-density polyethylene plastic is all in a day’s work.  It’s a proven method to protect products that are any shape or size.  Dove Direct’s shrink wrap can help prevent damage from the elements, while ensuring that your packages arrive in excellent condition. 

We encourage you to call for a free in-house consultation to fully utilize the DynaSeal Vulcan 1808-72 capabilities and to learn more about how our shrink wrap machine can help you solve your production and packaging needs.

Or, if you'd like to see a demonstration of our capabilities, let's schedule a meeting to attend an Open House. We'll give you a tour, create a demo of your test file and answer any questions that you may have! 
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